Boltz Guinea Pig Food,Nutritionist Choice (ISO 9001 Certified)-1200 gm

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  • PREPARED BY NUTRITIONIST : Boltz Guinea pig food is specially prepared by our nutritionist in ISO 9001 certified plant.Blended with natural ingredients to provide your pet with a balanced, healthy diet.
  • NO CHEMICALS : Highly tasty and Crispy pellets for guinea pig contains alphalpha meal,amino acids,acidifiers etc.Fortified with vitamins and minerals for healthy eyes, skin and coat.
  • EXTRA SYNTHETIC VITAMIN C : Boltz food contains synthetic vitamin C which is very important for Guinea pigs health as they can not synthesize vitamin C in there body naturally.
  • RICH IN FIBER : Boltz food is contains fiber and natural antioxidants which prevents your guinea pig from digestive problems and increase immune system.
  • DENTAL HEALTH : Pellets Shapes and textures supports dental health through natural chewing activity and keep your guinea pig active.Balanced food for everyday feeding.
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Boltz guinea pig food is a premium Hay and alfaalfa based pellet fortified with all essential vitamins and minerals.These pellets are made in small batches with only the finest ingredients. Boltz guinea pig food contains wheat,wheat middling,veg oil,soybean & alphalpha meal,amino acids,acidifiers, roasted gram,skimmed milk powder & casein,antioxidants.It is the perfect diet for your little one.

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