Boltz Antibacterial Bird Litter Spray (200Ml)

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  • ANTI-BACTERIAL : Boltz Bird Litter Spray acts as Disinfectant, AntiBacterial and AntiMicrobial agent.
  • NATUTRAL EXTRACT: Boltz Bird litter spray contains Lemon Grass perfume which will make your bird cage smell fresh.
  • REMOVE LITTER ODOUR: Boltz Bird litter spray removes birds litter odour in cages.
  • CAGE CAGE FRESHENER: It acts as freshener for your birds and birds like lemon grass fragrance.
  • EASY TO USE : Spray 6-7 sprays in bird cage and around it after cleaning as per smell and size of cage.
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Boltz Bird Litter Spray is a unique formulation to keep your birds home fresh and clean. Its disinfectant properties will help you clean bird poop pee and puke, keep home and bird cage germ and virus free. The added lemon grass perfume will give your home and cage a spa like feel. Fresh – clean – hygienic and easy to use. Spritz 6-10 sprays before and after cleaning your bird’s litter.


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