Boltz Food for Cockatiel & Lovebird 2.4Kg

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  • HIGH QUALITY : Top quality food is a main source of Energy,Vitamins and Minerals for Cockatiel and Lovebirds.
  • VARIETY OF SEEDS : Boltz bird food prepared of perfect variety of seed mix.Carefully mixed seeds is natural,clean,convenient and easy to use food.
  • HEALTHY FEATHER : Excellent for Cockatiel and Lovebird Feather health.
  • NO CHEMICALS : Boltz bird food is pure natural food.It does not contain any chemicals and Artificial Colors.
  • EASILY DIGESTIBLE : Boltz bird food contains Cockatiel birds favorite Canary seeds and striped sunflower seed.It is easy to digest and avoid any digestive system problems.
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Ingredients: yellow millet, white millet, niger seed, oats, flax seed, corn flour, millet, canary seeds ,sorghum, raisins, safflower seed, striped sunflower seed, wheat flour etc

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