Boltz Odour and Urine Smell Remover with Lavender,200 ml

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  • BAD ODOR REMOVER: It used in the home on carpet and tile, it can be used at eliminating odors in the yard , around bushes, and anywhere pet waste odor is an issue. Other uses include cat litter boxes , eliminates the ammonia and methane odors associated with these, kennel surfaces , pet waste removal containers etc.
  • LAVENDER EXTRACT :Boltz odor remover contains additional lavender extract to provide freshness after bad odor absorbed.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: Boltz odor remover is Eco-friendly.Pet friendly and keeps your loved one in a safe and natural environment
  • SAFE AND NON TOXIC:It is 100% safe spray and does not contains toxic ingredients.A spray that stops your litter tray from smelling nasty while keeping it fresh.
  • MADE IN INDIA: It completely abosorb pet and human urine smell and keeps the area fresh with lavender fragrance.
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Boltz Pet area freshaner is designed to keep pet area urine odor free and fresh.It is made up of plant derived odor eliminator, emulsifier and preservative E211.Boltz pet area freshnar contains additional lavender extract to enhance pet area freshness.

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