Boltz Fish Food for Growth & Health, Nutritionist Choice – 400 gm

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  • ALL AQUARIUM FISH : Boltz fish food is suitable for all aquarium fish species such as goldfish, fancy carp, swordtails, platies, mollies, angelfish, cichlids, anabantids,bettas etc. at home and designed as per pet fish diet requirements.
  • COLOR ENHANCER : Maintains color and shape of ornamental fishes, Pellet food ideal for mid water and top feeding fishes. Boltz fish feed pellets size is best designed for tropical and gold fish.
  • EASILY DIGESTIBLE: Boltz food is made with natural ingredients that helps in resolving digestion issues and improves metabolism.
  • RICH IN VITAMIN & MINERAL: It contains the optimal blend of minerals and vitamins that help to strengthen the immune system of your pet fish.
  • NO CLOUDY WATER: Boltz fish food contains clean water formula which prevents your fish tank from getting cloudy.
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Boltz fish feed accelerate growth rate of Tropical Fish and Gold Fish. It contains natural ingredients which increases appetite. Spirulina added to give better colour development, enhance lustrous skin and keep the fish in good body shape. This feed produced by high technology to prevent water contamination. Ingredients: Fish meal,Wheat meal,Yeast,Germ meal,Vegetables,Shrimp meal,Vitamins and mineral supplement etc.

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